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All about Knitting for Beginners

Wondering how to knit? You’ve come to the right place! This website is all about knitting for beginners and is dedicated to helping any beginner knitter learn how to knit, whether it’s your very first time or you’re looking to remember an old skill. Knitting is a great hobby for people of all ages and can be very rewarding – plus, you can make some really cool stuff!

What are you waiting for?

One day, my six-year-old son came home and asked me to teach him how to knit. I had knitted a bit as a child but couldn’t remember how to start!  So, I then had to learn how to knit myself in order to teach my son.

If you want the full story behind this site, then pop over to my about page.

Anyway, what I discovered is that …

Anyone can knit!

The best part is it only takes a matter of hours to master the basics.

To learn how to knit all you need to know is:

  • How to choose the right knitting needle and yarn to use
  • How to make a slip knot and cast on
  • How to do the knit stitch, which is the basic stitch.
  • How to cast off.

These few simple bits of knowledge will let you start making your first knitted masterpieces.

Choosing the right knitting needle and yarn

I suggest you head over to the Knitting Supplies section first to make sure you choose the right knitting needles and yarn weight for your first knitting project.

Your first Knit Stitch

To make a new stitch, the basic knit stitch technique is as follows:

  1. Take two straight needles
  2. Cast on stitches onto the left needle
  3. Insert the right needle (which is the empty needle) into the top stitch on the left
  4. Using your right index finger, wrap the yarn around the right needle
  5. Pull this yarn (called the working yarn) taut
  6. Then pull the yarn towards you and down and through the top stitch
  7. Finally, pull the stitch off the left needle
  8. You will now have your first knit stitch on your right needle!

This is just a sneak peak of how to make your very first stitch, but you can find the step by step tutorial here.

I should mention that this method is known as English knitting. There is another knitting technique called Continental knitting but I don’t cover that here.

Garter Stitch and other Knit Stitches

If you continue doing the knit stitch row after row, then you creates garter stitch. This is a lovely stitch but there are so many more. Once you have mastered both the knit stitch and the purl stitch you can create more stitch patterns like moss stitch and stockinette stitch. Head over to the knitting stitches section to learn how to do these.

Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Alternatively, when you feel confident in your knitting skills, you may want to dive straight into your first knitting project so I have created a section with a few free patterns to get you started.

Knitting Questions

Also, because everyone makes mistakes (dropped stitch anyone) I have included a special knitting help section to troubleshoot any problems.

Knitting Tutorials

Ready? It’s time to start your knitting journey!

Head over to the how to knit page for your step by step tutorial to start knitting.